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Our Story

This story starts in a kitchen...

My grandmother’s kitchen, to be exact. When I was a boy, I spent many hours with my Italian grandmother, Mary. I was lucky she possessed one of the many talents Italian immigrants share: food. We spent many hours baking and cooking together as she passed down her culinary knowledge to me. Many of my fondest memories from childhood were sitting around my grandmother’s kitchen table with our extended family eating delicious and fresh food, talking about our days. Inspired by the knowledge passed down to me from my grandmother, Mary, I opened Covert.

A celebration of family and food is at the center of what we do and our partners share these values. Matchstick’s coffee is locally roasted in East Vancouver and their integrity for quality is unmatched. And La Grotta del Formaggio’s passion for food with an Italian flare warms our heart with memories of our roots.